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Churches: Why You’re Not Getting a Bigger Response to Your Social Media Posts

Let’s make this short and sweet: For a church – whether or not you have an official social media person on staff or not – here’s what you need to know about posting on social media:

People like to follow people. Certainly your “church” social media feeds are important, but they are more like a megaphone. They’re mostly for announcements like promoting the Christmas concert, a new sermon series, or the Easter play. But the truth is, we often forget that “social media is social.” People prefer to follow actual human beings. As a result, your pastor, worship leader, youth leader, and other key people on your team have the ability to generate far more influence than your church feeds.

Encourage your key leaders to put more time and effort into their social media, particularly posting from the perspective of their roles at church. They can continue to share personal news about their family, or reach out to friends, but each of them has a specific audience that would like to follow their thoughts, experiences, and ideas about their calling and role at the church.

For instance, if you’re a youth leader, then start posting from that perspective. Reach out to young people through your platforms, encourage and inspire them. Start a dialogue as a young leader and potentially an expert at reaching young people with the gospel. Before long, you may find other youth leaders following you for advice.

Keep posting updates and announcements on your church platforms, but to make a real impact and reach more people, start being more intentional about the pastor posting on the pastor’s person platforms, and work out from there with other members of the team.

You’ll be surprised how quickly it will catch on…

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

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  1. This post gave me real pause for thought…

    I am launching an Improv Comedy Livestream that satirizes political correctness in the news media, but it will take a group effort that will stand behind a brand—just like any other film, TV series or show.

    But now you’ve got me scratching my head on how to apply this to the project. Do I brand it personally? People tend to follow comedy online that is personality driven (like John Crist or JP Sears), so wondering how to apply this to my social media platforms and messaging without making it the Emilio Show.

    Thanks again for making me think!

    1. Great question Emilio. My question is – what do you want to ultimately accomplish? Making the show famous? That’s great, but at some point, the show will end. Or using it to promote your long term career? The answer will tell you want to do….

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