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Churches Aren’t Using the Internet

Ron Sellers at Ellison Research discovered just how little churches are making use of the Internet in their important study earlier this year.  The facts are pretty astounding actually. The study shows that:

— One out of every four Protestant churches in the United States has virtually no involvement with the World Wide Web.

— 27% of all churches have no connectivity at all – no staff e-mail, no Web site, and no Internet connection.

— The current study demonstrates that in many cases, ministers have personal access but not access through their church.

— Only half of all churches provide staff with e-mail, and just under half maintain a Web site.  The proportion with an active Internet site has not changed significantly over the past year.

— Relatively few Protestant churches use e-mail prayer chains (23%), have an e-mail church newsletter (18%), or have an online member directory (4%).

There’s much more – so read the details of the study here.

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