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Church Office Antics Might Not Be As Funny as Employees Think

Are your co-workers REALLY like the NBC series "The Office"?

Let’s face it – the people in your church office are hilarious and do some crazy things. The question is, how can we share that with church members or people on the outside? I know – let’s produce a “mockumentary” or reality show on the antics that happen during staff meetings, brainstorming, and counseling sessions! Let’s make it look like NBC’s hit The Office!

Guess what? It’s been done – over and over and over again. I imagine the #1 type of sizzle reel, concept demo, and program sent to our office by eager church producers is exactly that, a hilarious look at the “behind the scenes” antics of the church team.

The problem is: It’s rarely very funny.

This isn’t to make fun of some honest efforts based on great ideas. I’ve worked with hundreds of church teams, and honestly, there’s very funny stuff going on out there. But before you make the leap to a full blown documentary, reality show, or movie about your church staff, understand that there are a lot of moving parts to making that happen well.

Here’s a few:

– Your team may be funny in person, but that doesn’t make them on-camera actors.
– Your video team is terrific at sermon bumpers, commercials, and short videos, but that’s an entirely different discipline than producing a reality show, feature documentary, or film.
– Writing matters. Stringing a bunch of funny moments together isn’t a structured story that’s required for a successful program.

I’m not here to talk you out of your dream, but before you launch, please give it a lot of thought. Perhaps even more, get advice from someone not on the in-house team. What seems funny to an insider many not be funny at all to an outsider. “Inside jokes” might be fine if your only audience is church members, but if you want to distribute beyond your church, then insider jokes don’t work.

Better yet – focus your creative energy on something different. With hundreds of church office comedy attempts out there, maybe what the world needs is something new.

Photo by Ayo Ogunseinde on Unsplash

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