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A Pastor’s Father’s Day AR15 Promotion

I’m not making a judgement here, I’d just like to know what you think.  Considering our role in the culture, our calling, and our purpose in Christ, is this an incredibly great promotion for a local church, or an incredibly lame promotion?   Or something in-between?  What’s the perception non-believers will walk away with?  Watch the video:



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    1. And with the price of ammo at its current state, why double-tap when one accurately placed shot can eliminate said zombie? LOL

  1. It’s hard to make a call here since we don’t live in that Missouri culture. I had a hard time understanding “Cowboy ” churches in Texas until I saw the niche they were filling. As you say, “If it gets butts in the seats” maybe it’s ok.

  2. I can’t say yeah or nay about the give away although I would not do it. I was more put off by some of his language. Then after talking about guns he signs off with “PEACE!” hmmmm.

  3. Bass Pro Shop cap, T-shirt that reads Drink Up, Giving away guns. “You’re a big boy.You got big balls between your legs”. Could he be dishing out any more red meat? It’s sad that to this guy, being a pastor is about blatent manipulation.

  4. I’m a Brit so I don’t understand the cultural context (it’s kinda hard to wrap my head around). But my general feeling is that while guns and gun use may be necessary and tolerated within that society, actively ‘celebrating’ them is never a good idea. Respect them, use them if you must but celebrating their use and giving them away in a competition prize draw isn’t healthy. However they’re used, they’re primarily designed to kill. That’s never a joking matter.

  5. I get relating to culture. I get being contemporary. Jesus did it. We should do it. But being contemporary and being set apart from the current culture shouldn’t be the blurred line that it often seems to be. If I’m unsure and I have to choose between relevance and holiness, I choose holiness…I hope.

  6. Being from Georgia I can relate somewhat to the culture – However, he played well in to all the southern stereotypes. So what is my motivation to come to church? He seems to come across as trying to be edgy – a bit contrived. – I don’t think this is the best way to be relevant.

  7. Hard to believe this is for real with the references to male body parts and some semi-profane language. But if it is…

    1. If “holy” = “set apart”, they’re neither.
    2. The gun part is cool (culturally appropriate), but he WAY overplays it.
    3. Clever idea, horribly executed.
    4. Jesus may indeed have a tear in His eye, but for entirely different reasons.

  8. No opinion here, I would rather spend time thinking about positive things or better yet growing my relationships with those around me who need to see Jesus in me.

  9. I got big pair of balls between my legs….LOL I think this fits for the state its in. I don’t think there going to try this in LA or NYC but middle america yes. I bet they had a good turn out.

  10. Hahaha I’m laughing so loud at this.
    I don’t care that they’re giving a rifle to fathers. I’ve seen that in tons of churches. I’d much rather see that than give 2,000 men a $1 pen with the church logo on it. It’s Missouri…I’m originally from St. Louis, and ton’s of people have assault-style weapons. They respect them and are safe. Shooting is a very popular hobby for men.

    I get that he’s trying to appear “real” and “human”, but the clearly intentional coarse talk I think will cause him to miss out on ministry opportunities to individuals more than it will open up doors of opportunity. To me, the manner of speaking doesn’t present a culture of freedom, it feels like a celebration of looseness.

    I think this guy is probably good-hearted, but just young and will probably figure some things out over the years.

  11. At the very least I’m happy to see well thought out responses that take into account the culture in which this clip was made. It’s very hard to judge an individual clip without having a greater view of the whole. However, as much as I like this guy for his sincere and transparent nature, he makes the mistake that a lot of people make. Which is, he created a video with an apparent lack of preparation, oversight and review. If he is guilty of anything it is that. I can only guess that he didn’t have time to write a script for the clip, winged it, wrapped it up and may have watched it a few times prior to launching it. I’m sure it hits his first objective of getting people to church but interferes with his continual objective of keeping them coming back. Good media takes planning, time, and great effort to get the right message across. I still applaud him for his efforts and love his transparency.

  12. I personally LOVE the idea of giving away a gun for Father’s Day and wish my own church would have thought of it. People have to understand that a gun is nothing more than a tool — a Skilsaw in the hands of an inexperienced user has just as much deadly potential.

    Unfortunately, the media rarely shows gun use in a positive light. As a certified firearms instructor, I encounter folks every day who give me their unfounded, preconceived ideas about guns strictly from information they acquired from a TV report. Rarely do I engage a conversation that is based on fact.

    Truth be told, more people are killed with hammers than by modern sporting rifles and yet, if the church had given away a selection of hammers, no one would have thought twice about it. According to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report in 2011, there were 323 murders committed with a rifle, but 496 murders were committed with a hammer or club.

    There are definitely some other issues I might have with the Pastor’s promotional methodology, but the gun giveaway is DEFINITELY not one of them…and Will Stern, I am TOTALLY with you on the $1 pens! Ugh!

  13. Why turn the other cheek when you can simply shoot the zombie’s head off? I’d love to learn more about this man’s planet.

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