Chrysler uses Bail Out Money to Hire Italian Ad Agency to Promote It’s Cars

The “People Who Don’t Get It” file:  Advertising Age reports: “Chrysler Group’s Olivier Francois, the president-CEO of the Chrysler vehicle brand, has tapped Armando Testa, his ad agency for Italian Lancia, to refashion a commercial for the U.S. market. Hiring an Italian agency for the work may not sit well with American taxpayers, who bailed out the ailing Chrysler earlier this year with billions of dollars in loans. And all of the several hundreds of staffers of Chrysler Group’s longtime ad agency, BBDO Detroit, will be out of work
at the end of January when the contract expires.”  The outrage is piling up.

I’d love to know what you think.

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  1. Wow. So much for improving your image. Stepping out of the PR Pot into the PR Fire. Great Job, Morons.

    But alas, when Americans realize this is a global financial crisis, rather than a national problem? Bailing out this automaker was the mistake. We should have nationalized them if we are going to scrutinize every operational decision. 

    If BBDO had kept Chryslers positive momentum, they’d not have been getting shopped across the pond anyways.

    Bad news in like five directions.

  2. Should have let them close in the first place!

    “But lots of people will lose their jobs”, whine the un-imaginative. And? (I’m not blinking, btw.)

    Here’s the and: And they will go out and get other jobs or create means of income on their own. I think we all-too-quickly forget that it wasn’t until Mr. Ford showed up that this whole idea of “security in a big company” came around.

    This country was founded by people that were “displaced” by their “circumstance”- AKA they wanted better and went for it (remember Thanksgiving?). Don’t give out this crap about I can’t. It’s not that- it’s that you won’t.

    I lost my job, my “security”. Did I go whine and complain that someone owes me something? NO. I started my own company. I’m gonna kill it and take it home. Abba willing, it’ll change the world.

    So yeah- I’m stubborn. But I’d rather be caught with my hands shoved way down in my pockets than holding them out so I can owe somebody something later. “The borrower is slave to the lender…”

    I’m going hunting. L8



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