Update on Fox Faith

Mark Moring writes this timely article from Christianity Today on the update with Fox Faith. For anyone interested in what’s happening in Hollywood in their attempts to reach a faith based audience, it’s the most up to date information available. Besides, Christianity Today considers me a “Media Guru” – how cool is that? 🙂


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  1. I have stressed from time that it was too early to write off the FoxFaith and Christian associated entertainment media and this article shows that. We don't achieve success instantly in an industry the Church for the most part has neglected and is only just beginning to come back into on a larger scale (and at present it is just a handful of leaders who actually admit that they do enjoy wacthing movies and understand what films and television is for). Besides it is time we see or at least have a Kingdom of God mindset i.e. global perspective of influence not just come across as people who are restricted in our thinking and scope of life as believers/christians. There is plenty of room at the top once we can establsih the foundations.

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