My Interview on the Christian Pulse Website

Here’s an interview I did recently with Reece Tedford on The Christian Pulse website.

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  1. Thanks for kicking off our new film division with the interview! I hope a lot of would be filmmakers and aspiring filmmakers take the time to read it as well as veterans, it's a good interview!

  2.  Great article and love the stuff you had to say about the future of Christian media, I was speaking with our executive pastor and to my surprise he has done some work with you down in Brazil it made it allot easer to bring some stuff up with him knowing you and already having a respect for the work you do. Keep up the good work…by the way our executive pastor is Barry Denison said you did some stuff with him while  in the mission field in Brazil.

  3. Yikes, that was a long time ago!  Yep, we were filming with Barry at the headwaters of the Amazon back in the early 80's.  Please give him my regards.

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