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Regaining the Value of Christian Artists

Here’s a great quote from writer Steve Turner: “No one ever told me that it would be wrong for a Christian to become an actor or a songwriter, a novelist, or a dancer. It was implied. There were no role models. I can remember a well-known actress and a British pop singer getting saved, but then they gave up their careers “for the Lord.” Their testimony was obviously more highly valued than their talent. Like drunkenness and promiscuity, involvement in the arts was something best spoken of in the past tense. Christians seemed to acknowledge a work hierarchy. Evangelists and those in “full-time ministry” were at the top. Doctors, nurses and people in the caring professions came next. Then there were teachers, policemen, and the great mass of workers. Artists, media representatives, and people in show business would have
been in the lowest possible group, if they had been mentioned at all.”

Have you felt marginalized as an artist? Do the “professionals” in the church today get higher recognition? Does it matter? Will filmmakers be the next generation of teaching pastors? What do you think?


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  1. Its tough being ” arty” in church. Yes they love you, and show you off a bit, but when it comes to work, someone else might re  write your script. Its humbling, re defining to a point. Beyond which, something inside starts yelling for mercy.  Filmaking i really believe, is such a whole new approach, its outside our pews, its out there with the street people,

    but I’ll say … tough. we have to work thru it with humor maybe,…

  2. I think it use to matter a lot – the implication growing up in the church was “Bible school good-entertainment industry bad” but the trend is that those of us who have been given an assignment (and persevered) from God to move in the media/ entertainment circles care less now about support or lack of from the church and are forging ahead with ideas and concepts to move the culture. The next challenge, I believe, is harnessing the energy of our group to focus on developing production and writing principles and skills. This is still lacking.

  3. I believe that when an artist creates a work (a dance, a skit, a poem, a picture) that is God inspired, it is God speaking to his people.  If we ever took the time to pause and look at how God has used these people, we might find the answers we have been searching for.

    I do not have the gift of the arts, but I love them none the less!

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