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Christian Media Producers: Fix The TV or Video Program Before You Launch

I’ve always been an advocate of religious television. And why not? On my cable network there are channels dedicated to sports, home improvement, politics, technology, and all sorts of lifestyles. So why shouldn’t there be channels to help Christians be better Christians? The same is true for YouTube channels and podcasts. My only caveat:

Make sure you produce a good program before you launch.

One of the biggest frustrations I experience is when a church or ministry gets so excited about launching a new program, they go on the air or post it before the program is ready. The most common problems I see are lighting problems, camera placement issues, bad program structure, ineffective graphics, and in almost every case, no strategy for getting any kind of viewer response.

My advice? Fix the program first before you broadcast it. Remember, we live in an 8 second world and people are making instant judgements about you and your ministry. They’re doing it quick and once that perception is set, it’s hard to change. So now more than ever, you can’t afford to let poor programs become your trademark.

If you have questions about a TV program, video series, or other campaign you’re getting ready to launch, let us know, and our team would be happy to help. We’ll help you be sure that you broadcast the right program and message from the start – a program that will shape people’s opinions in the best possible way.

The stakes are too high to fail….


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