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What Choices Will You Make Today?

People who achieve great things are people who make choices. Far too many people today let life dictate their future instead of the other way around. Choices are hard – that’s why so few actually make them.  But as the saying goes – not to make a choice is to make a choice. When it comes to choices, Roger Kaplan, writing in the Weekly Standard about what author Albert Camus believed, said:

“The world does not care whether you get out of bed on the wrong foot, or have no running water, or are condemned to death because of your ancestry (or present beliefs). What follows is that you have a choice: You can succumb to the horror and become a vegetable or an opportunist, a person with no moral compass; or you can use your reason and senses to think things through and find what is right, and live accordingly.”

The question is – what choices will you make today?  The world doesn’t care about your problems, or what’s holding you back. They don’t care about your past failures, or any other obstacles you face.

Stop making excuses and start making choices.

What’s the single most important choice you can make today that will help take your career to the next level?


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