China – Land of Poisoned Toys and Media Crackdowns

The LA Times reports today that a major media crackdown has been launched in China in the wake of embarrassing scandals, and in light of the impending Olympics. As the company opens up (a little), they’re finding out a free press is a real pain in the neck, so it’s better in their mind to shut it down. We’ve already seen major computer companies like Microsoft and Google filtering and censoring information for the Chinese government. Remember how you thought American Internet companies were the great new bastion of freedom? Apparently,
not so. Is anyone listening? We’re getting ready to propel China onto the world stage with the upcoming Olympics, and yet shutting a blind eye to censorship, media crackdowns, and U.S. companies complicit with it all.

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  1. It doesn't surprise me a bit that the big companies tow the party line in China (literally).  This is what they do, because they are in it for the money, not to do "the right thing".  And the government and big business has made their beds with the Chinese government, and now they are (generally speaking) happy to lay in it.  

  2. Type in “Tiananmen Square” into google image, and you get a ton of pictures from the 1989 massacre. Type it into the Chinese google, and you get lots nice pictures of smiling families taking holiday photos in the square. I rest my case.

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