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Why I Speak Out on Media Issues

The United States Census Bureau released the startling statistic that teens will spend nearly five months (3,518 hours) next year watching television, surfing the Internet, reading daily newspapers and listening to personal music devices. That’s only one of thousands of nuggets of information on Americana and the world in the U.S. Census Bureau’s Statistical Abstract of the United States: 2007, released recently.
There’s much more, and it really calls to attention our need as people of faith to understand the media and it impact on our culture.

Recently I’ve been reporting on the Calvary Radio Network’s problems, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  There are many more current stories out there of pastors and media leaders making serious mistakes when it comes to the media.  We’ve got to get a handle on this before it completely destroys out voice to the world.  Look at the stats and see what you can do.  If you’re a media professional, a student, or someone interested in the media’s impact on the culture, what can you do to help your church, community, or local organization to understand the media and how to use it more effectively for sharing our faith?

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  1. PC, how are we to “have dominion” over the media when we are raised to shun it, even to hate it? … God forbid to work in it 🙂

    I have more questions than answers but here’s a couple others giving this question a thought:
    a reformist’s answer:
    How Shall We Live in The World by J.H. Armstrong
    an aplogeticist’s answer: (one I posted elsewhere here and perhaps worth a listen .. )
    Media: Friend or Foe? (part 1 of 5) by Stuart McAllister
  2. Good resources. Thanks for the links. Although I agree with Armstrong, I don’t like to use the word “dominion” so much. I think we’re so far behind in the media race that just joining into the conversation about what God is doing there is a good start. Also, we get a lot of push back from the culture when we use words like “dominion” or war-like terminology. These aren’t the Salvation Army days – when using terms like that was popular, so using battle language often hurts our perception in the marketplace of ideas. (By the way, the Salvation Army is doing some remarkable things in the media today and is a really great organization). Sometime soon I want to write more on this blog about using the militaristic imagery and terminology in the church. I grew up on it – the army of God, prayer warrior, sword of the Lord, etc… But in a world so divided by religion and war, I think those aren’t the best ways to engage. So I’ll talk about that soon. I also recommend your link to Ravi Zacharias’ ministry. He’s a brilliant thinker, and I listen to his podcast regularly.

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