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Non-Profits: Are You Pitching to Corporations? You Should Be…

This holiday season, cause related marketing by corporations is becoming more and more popular. Companies in North America alone are projected to spend about $1.6 billion to sponsor charitable causes this year – a 6.1% increase over last year according to research company IEG. The bottom line is that corporate America wants to be perceived as concerned about great causes, so if you’re not focused on reaching out to the business community, you might be making a mistake. Here’s a list of what type of outreaches these corporations spend their money on:

Percentage of corporate contributions:

42% – Health related causes – research, hospitals, etc.
29% – Social Causes – Habitat for Humanity, Boys Clubs, etc…
9% – Education – Reading is Fundamental, individual schools, etc.
9% – Environmental – Nature Conservancy, National Parks, etc.
1% – Arts – Music foundations, local arts organizations, etc.

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  1. the “but how” from Todd Cavanaugh – is something I struggle with as well. I had every intention of doing this in 2010 and the year slipped through my fingers and I did NOT do it.

    I will be starting this week, calling organizations in my community – introducing myself and seeing if I can talk to the president or powers that be about Spreading JOY and our desires to help in our community. My goal will be to call at least 2 people a week and SPEAK to them. Even if no appointment comes from it, I will continue to work towards that.

    Thanks for this awesome Reminder!

    warmest {{HUGS}}

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