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Catalysts – Critical People to Innovation

Why you need them or why you need to be one...

What are “catalysts?” A catalyst is a person who isn’t necessarily a great innovator, original thinker, or iconoclast, but someone who by his or her very passion, are able to rally other people to a great cause.  They encourage innovators to stick to the plan, overcome their fear, and keep on keeping on.

A real catalyst isn’t just a cheerleader, they’re a person of talent and experience who uses their personal networks, relationships, financial connections and more to help make worthy projects happen. They help create solutions through the force of their own gifts.  An innovator or original thinker won’t get very far without a sidekick who’s a catalyst.

Don’t be a creative lone wolf. Find a catalyst who’s passionate about your ideas, and who can help make them reality. And if you’re that catalyst, the best thing you can do is to partner with a highly creative and visionary person. A great idea source is fuel for your fire!

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  1. I traditionally have every team member for every project I oversee take the Team Dimensions Profile – also referred to as the Care Profile or "Z" assessment.  There are four categories that range from Creator/Innovator to Advancer/Catalyst to Refiner and then Executors.  Basic understanding of each team members strength and their best fit on the team equals great success, healthy environment – group achievement (happy campers).  At this point, our projects track records prove the importance and value of understanding everyone’s strength and unique offering within the categories.

  2. Funny … but a friend sent this to me and said "thought of you" … it’s funny b/c I immediately thought of my boss Ron, not myself. I guess I am watching Ron to see what he does, how he does it, how he uses his network to get things done … the catalysts of the world are awfully interesting … I wonder if they usually have ‘sales’ in their background …

  3. An innovator or original thinker won’t get very far without a sidekick who’s a catalyst.
    Well said! Keep creating…a story worth repeating,

  4. Great to see someone writing about ME – a passion catalyst, to see change and revolution in others lives, businesses and missions around the world. Catalyst is the best way to describe what I do for people and organsations – perfect  thanks Phil, great info. 
    danny – catalyst

  5. Did Jesus have a catalyst? Were the 12 disciples catalysts? Was the Holy Spirit His catalyst? If He was, can He be ours or do we need someone on earth? OK, that’s the questions, but I do know that my best time leading youth was when I had a catalyst sidekick – I came up with the crazy ideas and Brian made them happen! Now working in a team of peers, there is no catalyst. We all work as invovators and catalysts to each other. Sometimes it feels like chaos. Sometimes it is. Sometimes we achieve new and different. Sometimes it feels like the bleeding edge rather than the leading edge. Sometimes it is!

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