Stop Boycotting and Start a Carrot Mob

I was in Australia recently speaking at a media conference and saw a “carrot mob” in action.  Essentially it’s a new concept where rather than boycotting offending companies, consumers are showing up in masse to reward companies who are doing the right thing.  Remember the “carrot versus a stick” thing?  It’s actually becoming a global phenomenon, and the results are pretty amazing.  In Australia, it was a move to reward grocery stores that focused more on organic foods and less on processed stuff.  In Sydney, thousands of people
showed up in a single location, and across the country, one grocery chain did more business in a single day than they normally do in a month.  It generated huge press coverage across the country.

It would be interesting for Christian organizations to develop the concept into a positive way to reward those who are doing right rather than boycotting those who aren’t.  As I’ve said before, we’ve criticized and boycotted so much that we’ve become known for what we’re against, not what we’re FOR.  Let’s change the perception and start focusing on what’s right in the culture – not just what’s wrong.

How could we use the carrot mob concept for religious and humanitarian causes?

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  1. I’ve also heard this called a buycott, like what many conservatives are calling for in Arizona, changing their vacation plans to spend them in AZ.

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