Calvary Radio Network Continued

I reported at this blog recently on the Los Angeles Times story about the trouble at the Calvary Chapel Radio Network. Since then, Christianity Today magazine wrote a more complete story, and even the Boise, Idaho paper (where part of the story takes place) reported in. It seems to be a story on accountability, financial questions, moral issues, nepotism, and leadership. Any way you cut it, the story’s a pretty pitiful witness to the world…

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  1. As a former "member" of two CCs, I personally saw how the ruling families looted their respected ministries through nepotism and corruption.  The old man (Chuck) warns malefactors they can lose their salvation at any time for any reason.  Maybe this explains the need for the Harvest Crusades:  those who have "lost" their salvation can be recycled into grace (at least for a temporary amount of time).   I wonder what will happen when the old man passes.  Already Chuck, Jr. has left the fold to start his own business in the emergent movement (like father, like son?).  It grieves me what continues to happen–isn't their someone (like Greg Laurie or Raul Ries) who will stand up and set a standard of personal accountability that negates the ungodly "Moses Principle"?

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