The Biola Media Conference Report

If you attended the Biola Media Conference at CBS Studios this past weekend, I’d love to hear about your experience. From my perspective, it was really terrific. The quality of speakers, the format, the sponsors – I enjoyed the entire day. We had a great “reality TV” panel, including the producers of “The Dog Whisperer,” “The Real Housewives of Orange County,” “Intervention,” and the winner of the “On the Lot” program created by Steven Spielberg. We also had leaders in the digital media world as well as established producers from traditional media. Phil Vischer of “Veggie Tales” fame told his story, which was powerful, and we ended the day with my interview with Todd Komarnicki – producer of the Will Ferrell Christmas blockbuster “Elf” and the upcoming summer release
“Meet Dave” starring Eddie Murphy.

The professional level of the speakers – coupled with insights from their Christian experience was invaluable to the more than 450 attendees. If you attended, let me know your reactions to the conference, and if you didn’t attend, you should do whatever it takes to get her next year.

I have to admit, my wife Kathleen was the co-director of the conference, along with Peggy Rupple, and they did a remarkable job – making it the best and most informative conference in Biola’s history.


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  1. Phil, I agree that this was a wonderful event.  Todd's session was my favorite…I loved his insights on producing, and was moved to see the depth of his faith as it intersects all parts of his life.

    Phil Vischer's story was MOVING…and I already knew it.  

    I think I'd like BMC to get back to the art of storytelling…that is something that translates into all mediums.  A good story works in the local AMC, Imax or YouTube. 

  2. Hi Phil, the conference was inspiring and educational. Your interview with Todd was definitely a highlight. His authenticity and genuine faith caused me to listen more intently to his advice and passion. I also thought you asked him some well-targeted questions, although he didn't answer them all. My other favorite speakers were David Kinnaman (I'm going to get his book, UnChristian, ASAP), Chuck Slocum (net-neutrality, I certainly hope so) and Steve Tompkins (great conspiracy theories ;). I am also a fan of Anita Renfroe so it was a pleasant surprise to see her there and hear more about the power of YouTube. The setup of the conference was also visually pleasing. I liked how the sound stage was decorated so that it wasn't so stark yet you still knew you were on a sound stage. The audio visual team also did a great job. I liked the video background for the speaker's name on the projection screen. The movement made it more interesting. I wasn't bored at any point in the conference (high praise for media professionals). As for sponsors I really enjoyed Capacity's promo. At first I thought it was introducing a Christian anime show (I wish someone would do Christian-themed anime. There is a waiting audience. Go to christiananime.net), it wasn't, but still the clip was captivating. Thanks for the great experience!

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