Bill Moyers: Hypocrite?

Interesting revelations about TV’s Bill Moyers, who regularly sermonizes and moralizes about what he claims are abuses of power by his ideological enemies.  Now, numerous news organizations have revealed information discovered through the Freedom of Information Act, that indicates Moyers was involved in tipping off FBI agents under J.  Edgar Hoover to investigate presidential administration figures who were “suspected as having homosexual tendencies.”  Another example that you can’t brand a lie.  In an instant information age, whatever you’re hiding is bound to come out.


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  1. Change is one thing.  Covering it up or not being honest about it is something entirely different – particularly in light of how much he puts himself above others in his reporting.

  2. I am pretty sure almost everybody is hiding something from the past, and Bill Moyers does not have a franchise on self rightousness.

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