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Learn to Play Hurt

Pastor Bil Cornelius taught me a great lesson when he said, “You have to learn to play hurt.”  Professional athletes know this all too well.  Talk to anyone on a NFL team today and they all have something wrong – pulled muscles, strains, cuts, bruises (big ones), and more.  But what separates the small time players from the big time players is that they’ve learned to play hurt.

The truth is, if you want to play in the big time of business, leadership, ministry, politics, education, – whatever, you have to learn to play hurt.  Stop whining and complaining and get back into the game.  The bottom line is you can’t call yourself a pro if you can’t take a hit.

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  1. I lost the battle with this in my 20’s and went prodigal for more than 20 years while close friends flourished in the spiritual journey. I’m back but now as the older version of The Natural according to one friend. I’m older and more savvy, God can do much more with me.


    It’s too bad Uriah, the Hittite (Bathsheba’s first husband) isn’t here to say "amen".

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