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The Best Blogs by Pastors

There are a lot of blogs written by pastors out there – some terrific and some really terrible. I read one the other day that droned on for 3 days worth of posts on having the flu – with a minute by minute log of taking medicine, napping, and watching TV. BORING!

But what are the best ones out there?

Click this post’s title and then comment with some examples of what you think are the best pastor blogs and we’ll narrow them down and take a poll on the best pastor blogs in the country. Send ’em in.



  1. Votes for the best pastor's blogs…

    Ben Arment:

    Perry Noble:

    Drew Goodmanson: 

    Tod Bolsinger:

     Shawn Lovejoy:

     These guys post frequently.  Their stuff is honest, thought provoking and relevent.  I always get something of value and am blessed when I read their blogs.

     P.S.  Shameless shout out to moi, I like this pastor's blog since I write it 🙂

    Bill Reichart:




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