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Don’t Be Ridiculed for the Wrong Thing

For most of my life, Christians were laughed at or ridiculed for the wrong things.  The non-believing culture made fun of boycotts, our protests over irrelevant issues, or crazy promotional stunts in the name of the gospel.  Far too often, some Christians took the “peculiar people” scripture way out of context and actually prided themselves on how wacky they could be perceived.  Sadly on Christian TV, it was our big hair, cheap suits, or tacky furniture.  But what really should separate us from the world are the things that
only kingdom minded people should understand.  For instance, what if we threw parties at funerals?  After all, uncle Bob just stepped over into eternity.  Sure we’re sad he’s left us, but man, think about where he is right now.  Party time!  Or what if we actually sold everything we had and gave it to the poor?  We’d be ridiculed, but for once it would be for the right thing.  Or what if Christians became known worldwide as peacemakers?  Givers?  Servers?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on what RIGHT things we could be criticized for that would actually make a positive impact in our culture today.

Any suggestions?


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  1. I remember in seminary Elmer Towns saying “Be different but do not be weird. Too many Christians are just plain weird”

    I think of be ridiculed for doing things like standing up for human rights, standing up for those who are in need of grace,and things like that.

    Just my two cents.

  2. If a giant, sweaty fat guy is preaching at me to eat less, exercise, lose weight and eat in moderation; I’m going to ignore his sermon.

    That’s the way folks see Christians. That’s the reason they are accurate in calling Christians hypocrites.

    Take off the mask, be who you are (fallible/vulnerable/human). Let me know you struggle with the same things I struggle with.

    Stop boycotting and talking AT me about being Christlike and walk WITH me on the journey show me (with your actions) how to become more Christlike.

  3. Caring for others, not backbiting because someone did you wrong, forgiving others and letting them off the hook, like Jim F said standing up for people who are in need of grace.

  4. When my mother passed away in January, we celebrated her life in a service. It was not a “funeral.” There were years, yes. But there was also celebration. A video I made of images throughout her life set to one of her favorite songs, ‘Hotel California.’ We played several songs (in a church) for her including, ‘I Can Only Imagine’ and ‘I Will Rise’ but we also busted out some Cream playing ‘Sunshine of Your Love’ (featuring her grandson – my son – playing guitar in a band for the first time) and then we did the Stevie Ray Vaughan version of the Jimi Hendrix classic, ‘Little Wing.’ to close things out.

    My mother became a Christ follower during her battle with cancer. It was sad she had to leave us at the age of 60, but like you said Phil, we know where she is now and it’s awesome and we celebrated that and her life. If that gets me singled out for criticism, so be it.

  5. Let’s be criticized for showing a little too much grace to those who do not normally recieve or deserve it. Let’s be criticized for giving people second chances when they do not deserve it. Let’s be crticized for spending a little too much time serving the poor and helping the unwed teenage mothers. Let’s be criticized for trying to tackle worldwide AIDS crisis. Let’s be criticized for refusing to speaking ill of others… There is so much we could be crticized for; why do we let the wierd ones speak for us and gain the most attention? I guess it is just as they say: “The squeaky wheel get’s the most grease.” The ones doing the ACTUAL work of Jesus Christ will never gain or attract the kind of positive attention we need… nor would they want it.

  6. aren’t we back to the thing about showing our faith instead of just telling about our faith? Don’t go around preaching and screaming that you follow Jesus and proclaming a lot of things.. Just live it out and people will notice you becouse you ARE different!!!

  7. You couldn’t have said it more accurately. I agree! Most Christians always speak of righteousness on their high horses. Keep your feet on the ground! Do not act as if you are a perfect bunch.

  8. I love what Jason and Henrik commented. I have a wonderful friend named T.Ray Grandstaff, from, who said that when we were kids we had days at school called “Show and Tell”. He said that we as Christians tend to be backward these days by making it “Tell and Show”.

    The best thing we can do is to Live our Faith in such a way that people will be drawn to “Christ” who is in us. People do not care to know anything from you until they know that you care first.

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