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Obama Gets Technology. Leaders, Do You?

Anyone in leadership – or who is trying to find their voice in the culture – needs to become a student of the way Barack Obama used technology to get his message heard by millions of people.  His digitally savvy campaign was adept at connecting to and activating key audiences, and that strategy could also be applied to religious organizations, churches, non-profits, and business.  Obama’s speed at responding through technologies like Twitter, rapid-rebuttal microsites like, and the deployment of a wide range of iPhone applications, online video, and search, make it a model and strategy worth following.   Because of that influence, some experts are saying that he’ll have more influence on corporate boardrooms than any president since Ronald Reagan.   His strengths are a clear message, persuasive rhetoric, and a sharp use of media tools to engage the culture.

Remember – today, your audience isn’t just in the church or on your mailing list – they’re in the media.  They’re using Facebook, Twitter, online content, and more.  That’s the same vast audience Obama was talking to throughout the campaign.  In a few weeks, I’ll be announcing the publication of my new book that is focused on this media revolution.  The world is changing, and it’s time religious leaders understood that change and started acting on it.

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    Great thoughts Phil.


    I have to add, that I do think the reason for Obama's campaign success was not because of his online 2.0 tech tools – but his message.  His vision.  The web tools were just conduits for the vision.  after all, it's the vision that makes the mesaage not the medium.  I know, the cliche is "the medium is the message"  but in this case I think the message – the inspiring and hopeful vision – made the medium.


    I think more than anything Barack Obama's success shows us the power of vision.






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