Directing Avery Brooks in New York

I’m in New York City, having just recorded the narration of our documentary film “The Better Hour” on the life of William Wilberforce. The narrator is Avery Brooks – you’ll know him as Captian Sisko on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and American History X. He’s also a brilliant Shakespearan actor and professor at Rutgers. Incredible voice. As his agent said: “Everything Avery says sounds important.” Really true. Look out for our documentary next fall.

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  1. Wow, that is excellent. I enjoyed Avery Brooks as Captain Sisko on Star Treck: Deep Space Nine and in American History X. Congratulations on doing the narration and I look forward to the documentary when it comes out. Has anyone read “Be the Change” by Zach Hunter? He’s a teenage abolitionist. If I remember correctly, he was asked to help promote the movie about Wilberforce, Amazing Grace.

    Allen Paul Weaver III
    author, Transition: Breaking Through the Barriers

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