London’s "Atheist Bus" Launches

It’s one of the boldest advertising campaigns by Atheists in the UK.  You have to check this out.

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  1. If Richard Dawkins isn't subliminally on the run, why doesn't he just shutup about it and enjoy his life too?

    Dawikins: “This campaign to put alternative slogans on London buses will make people think – and thinking is anathema to religion.”

    I get so pissed off when people conclude that to be a Christian means switching off your brain.  If you seriously believe that Jesus' life and teaching isn't thought provoking, you are seriously in denial, or seriously ignorant.


  2. What an opportunity!  I LOVE that they used the word "Probably".  I think Christians need to rise up and say, "Well, since even THEY say they don't know the answer, stop asking them for wisdom and ask me.  I can point you to the Truth about God."


    And pray, pray for the wisdom and opportunity to share. 


    If you live in the UK – please check out "Christianity Explored" and "Discipleship Explored".  Two WONDERFUL programs focused on UK Christians and their growth. Rico Tice and Barry Cooper are amazing men of God doing an incredible work for Him.

  3. Churches and missionaries work far harder to get people to believe.  What motivates them?

    Some might argue its the donations, but I disagree.  Most people who push their beliefs just want others to by into their worldview.  Unfortunately, we’ve all seen what happens when people unquestioningly buy into a worldview, without thinking critically about it.  That’s not to say that plenty of religious people haven’t arrived at their beliefs through a meaningful process of introspection — many have — but when they haven’t, the results can be disasterous.

    Most religious skeptics recognize that danger.  Doubt encourages reflection on belief, and leads to a better understanding of oneself and others.  Think back to Socrates great lesson: "the only thing I can know, is that I know nothing."

    So to answer the question of what motivates people to create doubt in others, the most obvious answer is altruism — a desire for a world where people are more questioning and reflective.  That is certainly better than a world where people are more dogmatic and unwilling to consider other points of view.

  4. I also love that they used the word "probably."

    Admitting that there must be some doubt in any assertion of belief really shows the difference in the level of thought put into this campaign, as opposed to some of its religious counterparts (and some of the messages here).

    The one thing this world certainly doesn’t need is more fanatics asserting that they have the "answer."  Wouldn’t it be better if compassionate, religious people spent more time demonstrating how to make the world a better place than prosletyzing about God?  Anyone who relies on a God concept to convince others to follow in their path is taking a shortcut past rationality.

    Being good to others shouldn’t require fear of divine punishment or promise of a afterlife reward.  People don’t need to believe in God to accept concepts like the golden rule.

    Never trust anyone who says they can "point you to the Truth about God."  That’s how folks end up self-castrated, lying on the floor in their white sheets, dead from drinking the Kool-aid.

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