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The Atheist TV Network is Coming

The National Religious Broadcasters Association represents hundreds of Christian radio and TV stations across America and the world. What we critically call “TV Evangelists” have certainly made waves in Christian culture. Even local churches are featured regularly on TV. But now, something new is on the horizon: The Atheist TV Network.

Starting on the online Roku Network, the founders believe it will potentially reach as many as 7 million viewers. Small by Christian media standards, but the new channel – debuting in July – will be broadcasting programming 24/7.

The Religious News Service reports: “The channel will air video of previous atheist events, such as footage from past American Atheist conventions and speakers at 2012‘s Reason Rally in Washington, D.C., as well as content provided by atheist video bloggers and other atheist groups. In addition, the channel will air segments of “The Atheist Viewpoint,” a show produced two decades ago by Madalyn Murray O’Hair, American Atheists’ deceased founder and plaintiff in the 1963 landmark Supreme Court case that removed Bible readings from public schools.”

But they have to fill 24 hours a day, so past programs won’t be enough. They’ll also be searching out current Atheist programming on YouTube and other sources as well.

Here’s the question for Christian media professionals: Are you worried? Will this channel find an audience? Will it have an impact on the culture?

Let me know what you think…


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  1. I have a feeling that my first impulse was not unlike many other Christians, WHAT???!!! But as soon as I started thinking of the many ways we could all fight this, try to stop it, start a petition to remove it from the airwaves I remembered what Jesus said. “Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.” Matt. 5:44 We may not like what they are saying but before we go all Westboro Baptist on em’, let’s remember that God loves them and the way we treat them can affect whether or not they ever truly see the love of Christ. “God is not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance.” II Peter 3:9 Yes, it really ticks me off when someone tarnishes the truth and the name of Christ, but if we can’t love, then we can’t be effective with the gospel. Let them tell their story and we will tell ours. WE KNOW WHAT THE TRUTH IS.

    1. My question is “Why is there a growing Atheist Movement?” There has to be a galvanizing force bringing them together.

      1. I just saw a commercial for the Witches of East End and the tagline was “Darkness is Growing.” Hence, the galvanizing force, and why we’re seeing an acceleration of all these shootings, etc. I also just saw a blog about the growing dark messaging of commercials, advertising, etc., to people are starting to notice that things are escalating. Come Lord Jesus….

        1. People have liked movies (and later TV shows) with dark themes. My question was not of a spiritual nature.I was thinking more in terms of organizing. Atheists are looking for solidarity where before they were happy sleeping in on Sunday. BTW An Atheist is not a Satanist. An Atheist denies or disbelieves the existence of a supreme being or beings. The shooters believed in something. I don’t know of any Atheist shooters.

  2. First, it won’t do any good to picket, demonstrate, complain, etc. They have the right to the use of the airwaves as much as anyone else. Case in point: porn. Do I think it will affect culture? Of course. The atheist movement is already doing that without it. Maybe it will help us get rid of the junk on the so-called Christian TV network and get some substance and Truth (and not just junk teaching like we have so much of now).

  3. Worried? No. Impact? I don’t think — so unless they have a boat load of money to throw at some top creative media talent at it. Otherwise it will be bad and boring. Perfect!

  4. Worried, no. Will it find an audience? Only if the content is worth the watch and/or an iconic talent supports the network. Sounds like that doesn’t exist at this point. Who cares about Madalyn Murray O’Hair this many decades later? Atheists have taken much ground since her first assault against Christianity in the U.S. Will it have an impact on our culture? Only if the content is of value to the Atheists; momentum can build and draw the viewers. If the viewership is there, we can have a conversation. If conversation isn’t possible, the lines are drawn deeper in the sand… thus begins the further divide in America over the subject of God. The enemy is attempting to take more ground. What will the church do in response to this network? That is what worries me.

  5. The Atheist network may be coming to TV, but please realize that Atheist and Agnostics already have a strong and bold presence on YouTube.

    There are plenty of channels such as these.

    Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science
    The Atheist Voice
    Jaclyn Glenn
    Friendly Atheist
    The Young Turks
    and much more.

    I spend time in prayer everyday praying about the mission field of YouTube.

  6. The strength (and weakness) of Christian TV stations that the atheists will never be able to match is the power of asking people to sow a seed. How many atheists are going to give a thousand dollar “seed” in order to promote atheist programing? I think they will find it difficult to find funding and viewers.

    Nevertheless, the launch of this network is still dangerous. We must never forget that we are in a spiritual battle against an enemy who “blinds the hearts of men” so that they cannot see the truth.

  7. Funding is really going to be a problem for them, I’d imagine. But then, like NPR or PBS, they’ll just demand government funding, and likely get it.

  8. In my opinion…
    I think starting up networks will only prove to reach the 30+ generation, which has probably already made up their minds. The younger generation, which is predominantly influenced by youtube & social media, would be better reached by putting all of their efforts and $$ into those media outlets.

  9. Not worried. It already has an audience that is why they are launching the Atheist TV Network. Atheism has already impacted the culture in so many ways. The launching of this Network will be just another opportunity for Christian Media Professionals to offer quality media programing that offers hope, encouragement and victory to those who are so hungry for it. Only the truth can set people free and Jesus is the Truth.

  10. Funny! The logo of the Atheist TV is an atom. It is just like I would use one of your book as logo for a television who tries to prove that you don’t exist!

  11. My two cents:
    I laugh at their obsession with proving there is no God. I do not believe that a giant purple monster is living in my toilet. I do not believe this, therefore I do not talk about it or think about it or worry about it… since it doesn’t exist.

    If someone truly believes that God does not exist, why spend all your time talking about it and thinking about it? Just go on with your life and make television channels about things that do exist instead.

  12. I don’t think anyone will watch it. We got on our first Roku station a year ago Feb, when there were about 50 religious stations. Now there are almost 400, and it’s their fastest growing and biggest category. So, that tells you who’s into the Roku, and what their primary audience is, as most of the religious stations are Christian.

    Kristen Collier
    Christ Clubhouse Channel

  13. We already have “atheist” networks like the 3 majors. So what are they going to do different? Christians have nothing to worry about because Atheism doesn’t offer ANYTHING but recycled rhetoric. Hey there is no God…Did we mention were atheist and we don’t believe God exist? Lol

  14. The answers to this question are seriously mind blowing! recycled rhetoric? Try the bible, a book of 4 gospels that dont even agree with each other on very important timelines and events, including the resurrection and birth of yah boy jesus. Come Lord Jesus? Really? You laugh at the obsession to spread truth, reason, the scientific method, and actual factual history to the world? You’re going to be laughing pretty hard when this one channel has better ratings than the, what, 400+ christian channels? While this theology, delusion, outdated value system needs 400+ channels, open minded humanist secular atheists, a name only of circumstance and not substance, will only need ONE. Think about it, why ARE there 400 different channels supposedly representing the one true idea/message?

  15. Truth is truth. It isn’t affected by whether people believe it, agree with it, subscribe to it, pay for it, ignore it, make laws against it, start groups that deny it… it’s STILL TRUTH. God’s Plan A is that we, followers of JESUS, change the world- there is no Plan B. Are we walking in the authority and power that Jesus died to give us? If not, that’s our bad.

    Always remember Revelation 12:11- no one can take away our testimony- it’s a GREAT starting point with those who don’t believe…. yet. =) IMO

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