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As Secular TV Pulls Back, Is Christian TV Ready to Make an Impact?

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that “Big advertisers from General Motors Co. to PepsiCo Inc. to General Mills Inc. are seeking to walk back spending commitments they made to broadcast and cable networks, a dynamic that is testing the industry’s five-decade-old way of doing business.” Due to the financial strain of the Corona Virus, major advertisers who’s sponsorship makes traditional TV happen, are now considering pulling up to 50% of their commitments for the rest of the year.

Obviously, that financial strain has hit us all, and nonprofit or media ministries who live and die by financial donations haven’t avoided that challenge. But in spite of the difficulties, it makes me wonder: as secular TV programming weakens as financial support recedes, is Christian television ready to step up?

If secular networks start broadcasting re-runs, or producing fewer engaging programs, people will naturally start switching channels more often. But what will they find on Christian networks? Will they find well produced, engaging programming, or the same old stuff?

Christian television executives and producers: This is your moment. How often in history do you have so much of the audience’s attention?

This isn’t the moment for business as usual.


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  1. Sadly, they will probably get the same old garbage many of the hucksters put out and scaringly, it will probably escalate. They will see new bodies to feed on. I know that is negative but I just don’t see Christian TV changing all that much. Cash cows are still cash cows no matter how they look on the outside.

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