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Are You an Idea Person or a Make it Happen Person?

Whenever I’m at a Hollywood party I meet plenty of “idea” people. Apparently, some people actually think that’s a job. I’m a big fan of ideas, and I’ve spent my career working in a creative business. But as great and rare as real creativity is, that’s only half of the puzzle. The other part – and it’s just as important – is execution.

Ideas without legs aren’t ideas at all – they’re just thoughts that don’t amount to much. Execution is what makes ideas happen.

Remember – the guy who invented the wheel is smart. But the guy who invented the other three – he was a genius.

Become a “make it happen person.” Because idea people alone don’t do much more than go to parties….

Which one are you?

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  1. I’m an idea person, but I love to surround myself with make it happen people. As an idea person, it’s important to screen my ideas against strategy and goals. I can get unfocused very easily. “Squirrel!”

  2. I’m an idea person . . .point well made, but the BIG question is, how does an idea person acquire the skill of a make-it-happen person? Your next book perhaps?

    Really enjoyed Unique!

  3. Interesting perspective Phil, i am commenting all the way from Africa and one of the reasons why we are always falling short and are left behind is because we do a lot of planning and goal setting but never get to actually execute after spending hours in meetings…By the time those plans want to be executed, the time for them to be effective will have already passed, hence making talk cheap! Your blog just continues to enlighten me on how things should be done differently hence making an impact on this part of the world.Thanks a lot Phil

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