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Announcing Our New Book: The Way Back

I’m very proud to introduce my latest book, co-written with my long time friend Jonathan Bock: “The Way Back: How Christians Blew Our Credibility and How We Get it Back.” Our reviews have been fantastic, we’ve been doing a media tour – including major outlets like CNN, and the response has been fantastic. It is available right now and you can order on Amazon or other favorite locations.

It’s a very different direction from my previous books, but both Jonathan and I agree that this is a book that asks a critical question the Church needs to answer today. If you’re concerned about the direction the culture is going, or why Christian values and principles are virtually disappearing from today’s culture, then this book is for you. We pull no punches and have an incredible list of major leaders who endorse it.

I’ll be talking about it more in future blog posts, but order it today. It’s a book you need to read, and I’d love your thoughts on it.

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  1. I couldn’t put this book down. I nearly finished it all in one setting. Phil and Jonathan ask some tough questions and I really hope that the church begins to look inward and ask some of the tough questions like, “how did we get off course?”. Let this be the point where we correct our course and get back to the faith of the first century church. Great job Phil!

  2. I love the book, although it is tough. It is also written with enough humor and positivity to keep reading and gain hope. I want to b a part of the way back.

  3. I am going through your “The Way Back” Bible Study on the YouVersion Bible app. It”s been very thought provoking. I look forward to reading your book as well. Thank you for sharing these insights.

  4. Phil do you have a study guide for this book? I am looking to facilitate this book in our weekly life group study and wonder if there is one for it?

    1. No. We don’t have a small group resource for the book. We do have a YouVersion devotional, but not a small group guide. Thanks for asking Scott. Now I may go back to the publisher and explore this!

  5. Thanks for responding Phil. I am going to go ahead and reread the book chapter by chapter and develop a small group study guide.

  6. Quick question for Phil. What do you think is an appropriate age for someone to read and stduy this book? One in our Bible group wants to add our 9Th graders. I don’t think they are mature enough or focused enough for this. Thoughts

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