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Announcing My New Book: “Maximize Your Influence”

This is your ticket to the digital revolution...

I’m very excited that in September, we’ll officially be releasing my new book “Maximize Your Influence: How To Make Digital Media Work For Your Church, Your Ministry, and You.” The digital age has changed everything we know about engaging this culture with the message of the gospel, and that’s why I’ve created what I believe is the ultimate reference to help pastors and church leaders speak the language of this generation.

Whether you lead a church of 20 or 20,000, this information will help take your ministry to the next level. The need to share our message never changes, but how we share it does, and COVID-19 has taught us that this is the moment to embrace the digital world. It’s not about being famous. It’s about saying something that matters, and nothing matters more than the gospel.

My new book will help maximize your influence in:

• Leading Creative People
• Branding and Positioning
• Marketing, Communication, and Websites
• Social Media, Video, Digital, and Streaming Media
• Publishing, Television, and Fundraising
• Preaching and Speaking to a Digital Generation
• Handling a Crisis
• And much more…

This is your ticket to make the digital revolution work for you. I’m making the book available through a donation to our nonprofit “The Influence Lab” which is focuses on teaching and training Christians around the world to use media more effectively.

You can pre-order at, and for your generous, tax deductible gift to help with work of The Influence Lab, we’ll send your copy of the book as soon as it becomes available in September.

Here’s what leaders are saying:

“In Maximize Your Influence, leaders will gain practical tips as well as high-level concepts on how to get results and feel comfortable engaging in digital conversations. Read this book and learn from one of the best voices in the field of digital media!”
—Bobby Gruenewald, Pastor of Innovation at Life.Church and founder of the YouVersion Bible App

“If we embrace the attainable concepts presented in Maximize Your Influence, surely the world will see the glory of God—in creative, life-changing ways—as the message meets people exactly where they are!”
—Dr. Rob Hoskins, President and CEO of OneHope

“For over fifteen years, I have recommended Phil Cooke to anyone wanting to maximize their influence. In this book, you will see possibilities, both present and future, for you to accomplish your dreams, personally and professionally. Read and get a copy for all you lead.”
Dr. Sam Chand, Leadership Consultant and Author of Leadership Pain

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