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Amazon.com has announced the development of their new “Amazon Studios.” The world’s largest online retailer is now launching a web portal that will allow users to upload scripts and use community based tools to evaluate each other’s work. The submissions will be judged by a panel of entertainment executives, and Amazon has already signed a deal with Warner Brothers Studios to produce the movies under the Amazon name.

The jury is still out, but Amazon has the tools and the online know-how to create the most sophisticated online production factory yet. I’ll be curious to see how it works out. Do you think it’s a good strategy?

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  1. This raises more questions than it answers. Are they looking at a wikipedia type movie where anyone can contribute? The ‘wisdom of crowds’ works well for some things (American Idol?) and poorly for others (US debt).

    Screen writing is a skill that take years to develop and even the ability to recognise good writing is uncommon. I think this project will fail, but good on them for trying.

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