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Everybody Has an Agenda: You Need One Too

When Christians get critical about Hollywood, the gay community, environmentalists, or others, we always bring out the “agenda” card. “Beware the gay agenda.” “Hollywood has a secret agenda.” “This global warming agenda.”  I actually saw a comment on my blog recently warning me that “Hollywood’s agenda is to sell tickets.”  Duh. What a surprise. Here’s the truth:

Everybody has an agenda – at least they should.  Here’s a good agenda: It’s called The Great Commission. Different Christian organizations express it different ways.  The ministry organization OneHope’s agenda is “God’s Word, Every Child.” The Bridge Church’s agenda is: “Cross the bridge to a new life.” Oral Roberts University’s agenda is: “Developing Whole Leaders for the Whole World.”  The Bible League’s agenda is: “God’s Word, Local Church, Global Strategy.”  Some use it as a tag line or branding statement, and certainly they all have a much more comprehensive and strategic explanation of their plans, but the point is – it’s all about an agenda.

The point is, an agenda isn’t necessarily nefarious, secret, or evil. An agenda is what we want to accomplish, it’s why we’re here, and who we are.   If the Church is really going to compete in today’s media-driven marketplace of ideas, and if we want to get on the radar and have people seriously consider what it means to become a Christian, then we need to worry less about the world’s agenda, and more about ours.

Screaming about other people’s supposedly secret agendas, may fire up the faithful and increase fundraising, but it doesn’t really help the cause. After all, as Christians, we should be the last people to get hysterical and yell “fire.” Winston Churchill said, “You’ll never get to your destination if you throw rocks at every dog that barks.”

Everyone has an agenda. The question is – are we maximizing ours?

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  1. I like this Phil. My agenda? Help people find their heart. The church’s agenda? The win the HEART of Owen County. Without an agenda aren’t we simply like a ship without a rudder?

  2. Phil’s right. Christians should always have an agenda. Why?
    Jesus had an agenda: To save those that are lost.
    Paul had an agenda: To be all things to all men, “so that I might win some.”
    I have an agenda: To change the way we do and think about ministry.

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