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In Spite of AFA’s Boycott, Gaps Profit Increases 25%

I wrote last week about the American Family Association’s Boycott against The Gap stores, and how poor it was from a strategic standpoint.  You can read that post for some background, but today, various news sources revealed that Gap’s profit has increased by 25% – so much that’s it’s doing a $500 million stock buyback.  If that’s not enough, the company is focused on increasing market share during the upcoming holidays.  This is exactly why boycotts are dubious at best, and need to be part of a well thought out strategy.  As I detailed in my last post, I really don’t see many reasons at all that Christian organizations should be boycotting companies like Gap.  Come on folks, let’s learn how to engage the culture in a positive way for a change…

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  1. I do not understand the boycott.  There are so many holidays around the end of december it makes sense to incorporate a generic greeting.  The Gap commercial I saw a couple of days ago not only said Merry Christmas but included greetings for the other holidays.  When you answer to shareholders you have to reach out to all.  Maybe if the AFA and other organizations stopped doing things like that and loved on the people that do not believe in Jesus, we could see an actual growth in our faith and not the continued decline.

  2. Christianity is in decline in the US but it is the fastest growing religion in India, China and the third word…out-stripping Islam by leaps and bounds. Those are not “happy/clappy” words. It is the truth. And why is Christianity falling by the wayside here? Because most people stopped preaching Jesus and Him resurrected. They don’t believe in the supernatural power of God FOR TODAY and if they can’t scientifically measure it, prove it or intellectualize it, then it doesn’t exist. So much for the coelacanthe. It existed, then it didn’t and then they discovered that it still did. Kind of like faith in America.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this information about American Family Association.  I use to get emails from AFA but after awhile for me I just didn’t see the point about some things and I saw such disrespect for the leaders of our country.  I believe that we must let our voice be heard but we must also remember that as Christians we are to share the Gospel in order for people to accept the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Savior!

  4. Did you hear? They dropped their boycott! Why? Because the Old Navy mannequins have Christmas Trees! Good grief, people…Perhaps they knew that they were spitting in the wind decided to get out of a ridiculous storm of their own making. Christmas trees are pagan at their core as are MOST of our holiday traditions. If we really want to celebrate Christmas, we would not have trees but we would have many Christmas Carols singing about the Glory of God sending us a Savior in human form. We could contemplate the symbols of the Wise Men’s gifts and ultimately, we would be in awe of the journey from manger to cross. The only gift that we would need would be acts of charity and kindness and giving of OURSELVES to the cause of Christ not what on sale at the mall. Good will among men would prevail. Perhaps AFA should boycott the silliness of the holidays including that of our own making and contemplate instead, the HOLIness in the HOLIday.



  5. If the voice the world hears from Christians is angry ALL the time. What have we accomplished in the long run? People stop listening  Send the Board of Directors at Gap a pleasant Christmas card greeting and move on. No regifting fruit cake and sending it…that’s just not nice.  Thanks Phil.

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