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Advertising Isn’t Just About a Message Anymore

In today’s cluttered and distracted world, it takes more than a great message to get noticed.  Some researchers believe we’re being bombarded with as many as 5,000 media messages per day, so cutting through that massive clutter has become just as important as the message you’re trying to deliver.  As a result, advertising isn’t just about the message anymore.  It’s about engagement and interactivity.

Look at museums today.  Displaying art and artifacts have become interactive.  It’s tough to find a museum today that you simply walk through and admire the art  More and more they’re adding spaces where the viewer can touch, hear, and experience the art.

Likewise, the web is allowing advertisers to reach beyond the limits of TV and extend their brand experience.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an advertiser, pastor, filmmaker, writer, artist, or CEO.  Whatever story you’re trying to share – it isn’t enough any more to just tell that story.  In a cluttered world, you have to connect.  And to make that happen, your audience needs to have an experience.

The question is – what’s the message you’re trying to share, and are you using interactivity and engagement to do it?

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  1. Thanks Phil. Excellent synopsis. Reminded me a little of the Monday Morning Memo from Roy H. WIlliams. Today’s podcast was about storytelling. Couldn’t agree more. 


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