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A Very Big Reason People Follow You on Social Media

While there is more to life than simply growing your social media following, the impact you can have on followers is enormous. So whether you have 5 or 500,000 social media followers, there’s an important secret I’ve learned. I’m not a social media expert, but in my experience, one of the biggest reasons people follow you on social media is:

They want to know what it’s like to be you.

Simple as that. Particularly if you’re a leader, most people can’t just call you up and meet over coffee. But when you reveal the “inside” story of your life, it’s a similar experience. Honestly, it’s time to encourage, enlighten, and inspire your followers instead of taking photos of your lunch or letting them know you’re at Starbucks.

In other words, tell me the real story about your challenges, obstacles, frustrations, and victories. Give me an insider’s look at your job. For instance, if you’re a pastor, tell me about your struggles developing a new sermon series. If you’re a speaker, tell me about your jitters backstage before you speak. If you’re a salesperson, tell me about the techniques that made you a success. If you’re a teacher, tell me about your hardest cases, and how you overcame them.

We hear surface stories all day long. What we’re looking for is insight. It’s not about bragging, but about sharing things that only you know. Strategies, tactics, and techniques you’ve experienced the hard way. The secrets of your successes – and your failures.

Most people aren’t interested in shallow opinions, unformed thoughts, or glib motivational quotes. What they’re looking for is the inside story.

The story only you can tell…

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  1. Great advice… simple, yet effective for those of us looking to increase our “followers” and give them what they want to know.

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