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The HD Format Wars Appear to Be Over

According to today’s Los Angeles Times, the Blu-Ray versus HD DVD battle appears to be over, and Blu-Ray is the victor. On Friday, Warner Brothers made the switch, which puts heavy weight on the Blu-Ray side, joining Sony, Fox, Disney, and Lionsgate Studios. With only Paramount and Universal left on the HD DVD side, it will be interesting to see how long they last.  From the computer side, Apple long ago affiliated with Blu-Ray, meaning future computers will probably have that option.

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  1. Last year, 2007, I took the HD plunge (as may of you did) with an HD camera and started shooting in High-Def almost exclusively.  But I was still cropping and rendering to standard def DVDs.

    Now that Blu-ray is taking the High-Def Disc battle, 2008 will now see the easy and a stable means of distributing your native HD videos.  In recent months, the authoring programs for Blu-ray have either become available or the prices have come down.  My NLE software (I recently upgraded) – Sony Vegas Pro 8 – has the ability to create Blu-ray discs from the timeline (either 20-40 minutes on currently affordable DVD-Rs or 2-4 hours on currently $20-$30 Blu-ray discs burned on a $500 Blu-ray burner – both will play on Blu-ray players or PS3).  This year, we'll also see a higher percentage of computers (PCs and Macs) that have Blu-ray drives.  Hopefully this year we will now see prices come down: Blu-ray burners under $100-200, Blu-ray BD-R and BD-RE disc prices below $10-20, and Blu-ray replication costs more available and closer to DVD replication costs.

    With the shut-down of analog TV stations looming and HDTV/Blu-ray hardware prices coming down, there is an easing of economic pressure so consumers will make the easy choice of going HD this year.  I just heard that 50% of Americans now have some form of HDTV or HD monitor in their homes.  I think it would be a big mistake for Christian media companies to ignore distributing in HD.

    I remember Christian media companies and churches ignored DVD far too long.  Years ago, we had to have a VCR and DVD player because the Christian stuff was still using VHS.  Let's be in step this time.  Even those of us on a smaller "field" can start affordably small and work up as the market grows.  With all the changes happening at the same time – analog TV stut-down, HDTV lower prices and Blu-ray dominance – this market will see a dramatic growth in 2008.  Have a happy HD new year!

    Brian Sinks, IN1ACCORD Productions

  2. Related, see a better quality you tube … … a much better clip viewing experience. Happy 08! …."The larger question, however, is how long even the winning high-definition DVD format may survive. Some analysts say the battle between Blu-ray and HD DVD may become irrelevant as high-speed Internet and on-demand video become the pipelines of movies into the home."....

  3. I don't believe that blu-ray media will ever become irrelevant. The truth is that it will be  the closest thing to a true HD viewing experience at home. As much as HD looks good over satelite, and even some internet sources, it is still VERY compressed…and people see that. With consumers buying these large cinema style HDTVs they are wanting to have the closest thing to the movie going experience… and until ISPs and Satelite/Cable companies can handle the bandwidth…. the closest thing will be Blu-Ray.




  4. Hey, why not one of these for the office? Could make for some nice Blu-Ray HD viewing. CES: Panasonic’s Toshihiro Sakamoto Unveils 150-Inch Plasma Display; Unveils Deal For YouTube Content On TVs.

    ... Toa! imagine wireless HDMI in the home ...
    "Sakamoto sounded a theme heard from a number of other companies, which is wireless HDMI and other wireless solutions for transmitting video around your house. They say you can now do wireless HD transmission. They call it “the world’s first beam-steering technology.”

  5. Blu-Ray is in and here to stay. Toshiba pulls out of HD-DVD. I told my business partner that this time around Sony we will be the format king. All our business media projects have incorporated Blu-Ray as the media format for video.

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