My Interview on The 700 Club

In case you missed it on TV, here’s the interview I did Friday with Gordon Robertson on the set of “The 700 Club” talking about my book “The Last TV Evangelist.”

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  1. Phil –

     Is this live today??

    If so, when are you flying out… if schedules work… could meet you at Norfolk airport for quick catch-up.. I am within half hour of ORF / and CBN….

  2. Great – Looking forward to it!   I just got a new TV setup for home that lets me set up recordings via web at work, so this gave me a great reason to try it out.

  3. Phil, great job.  I appreciate the production values the producers did to set up the interview.  Best question was probably Gordon’s "Where did we fail?".  Best answer — pointing out that the early American church was a leader in innovation and shaping culture. 

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