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My Interview on The 700 Club

In case you missed it on TV, here’s the interview I did Friday with Gordon Robertson on the set of “The 700 Club” talking about my book “The Last TV Evangelist.”


  1. Phil –

     Is this live today??

    If so, when are you flying out… if schedules work… could meet you at Norfolk airport for quick catch-up.. I am within half hour of ORF / and CBN….

  2. Great – Looking forward to it!   I just got a new TV setup for home that lets me set up recordings via web at work, so this gave me a great reason to try it out.

  3. Phil, great job.  I appreciate the production values the producers did to set up the interview.  Best question was probably Gordon’s "Where did we fail?".  Best answer — pointing out that the early American church was a leader in innovation and shaping culture. 

  4. Great interview, Phil! Very informative — how true that TV is no longer the first screen people view. Since I teach NexGen grad students, I must keep up on all this. On another note, I’m new to your feed and am wondering which 2 SB commercials you did in 2008? I have my students deconstruct the media message for SB commercials in the Spring semester each year. ‘Would be interested to know which are yours. Thanks! Karen (St. Louis)

  5. Great interview Phil…wish it was longer. I thought the question Gordon asked about where we’ve gone wrong reveals much of the problem in our thinking today. It’s not that we DID anything wrong. It’s that we aren’t willing to learn how to do things right NOW. Viewers and young people aren’t necessarily turning away JUST because they don’t like the message, the problem is we are presenting the message in the wrong place through the wrong medium for today’s audience.

    Thanks for telling it like it is!

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