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7 Secret Strategies to Grow Web Traffic & Influence (On a Shoestring Budget)

I receive so many questions about using your website and social media presence to increase your influence that I decided to ask my friend Miles Anthony Smith for his advice.  Miles works with Rawhide Boys Ranch as their Digital Marketing Director and is the author of Why Leadership Sucks™ and Becoming Generation Flux.  Miles shared with me his 7 key strategies for growing your web traffic and influence (and how to do it on a budget).  Here’s his advice:   ​

We have all been there. Maybe you have written a book, created an online course, or composed some music. Or you have something else to sell. You create a website, offer your wares for sale, and launch social media accounts which take a ton of creative energy and time not just to start but to keep rolling.

Then crickets…

I was even there once, and so was Phil. But just like the both of us, we have to decide if we are going to persevere long enough to get to a certain level of renown. We have to pay our dues, but the amount of time it takes to get a decent amount of traffic to build a tribe energized by your stuff, requires you to add strategy. Perseverance on the wrong tactics will only lead to frustration and failure.

So combine the right strategy and perseverance, and you have a winning combination!

Without further ado, here are my 7 secret strategies to gaining web traffic and influence (on a shoestring budget).

And each of these costs little to no money but does require your sweat equity.

  1. Create long form (1,000-3,000 word) posts replete with engaging images, videos, and invaluable infographics. While you do need to write the copy, by all means you should use other’s images, videos, and infographics that fit with your topic. Then strategically ask others to share, link, and or email these articles with their tribe who are already interested in your topic. Don’t forget who your target audience is. Check out one of my Rawhide team’s long form/infographic posts. ADHD: A Growing Concern for Youth and Adults
  2. Pick one social media channel for 90 days and focus all of your effort on it. This way you can become better; it is way too easy to get stretched too thin. We all have many spinning plates. I chose to focus on Twitter; I don’t even do Facebook. It’s just not me. Use the native scheduling tool, and in an hour or two you can setup the next month of tweets. Make sure to add images and links to all of your tweets.
  3. You can supercharge your Twitter growth and engagement by targeting followers interested in keywords related to your brand. Check out my Twitter & Klout Growth Case Study to add rocket fuel to this strategy. Explosive, Targeted Twitter & Klout Score Growth: 113% In 59 Days
  4. Leverage free Pay-Per-Click ads to drive brand awareness or even direct sales of your products like I did with my audiobook. How I Got $145 in Audiobook Sales With $475 in FREE PPC Ads
  5. Find new ways to generate other revenue sources; in addition to my book sales and speaking engagements, I created an online video leadership development course on Udemy based on my book Why Leadership Sucks.
  6. Generate inexpensive, yet targeted email leads by offering a sample of your ebook, music album, or audiobook on NoiseTrade. How To Get 889 NoiseTrade Email Subscribers In 121 Days For Pennies Per Day
  7. Need help reaching new ebook customers on Amazon, iTunes, Audible, or Nook? You must check out Bookbub! How to Get 172% ROI & 8,841 eBook Downloads With $85 In 3 HOURS.

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