30 Day Countdown to Branding Faith!

In 30 days, “Branding Faith: Why Some Churches and Non-Profits Impact Culture and Others Don’t” by Regal Books hits the streets and hopefully will change the conversation about sharing our faith in a media driven culture. Whether your goal is to share a message of faith, raise money for charity, preach salvation, promote a great cause, or give your audience hope, Branding Faith describes the new rules for communicating your message in the 21st century.  Our challenge today is how to express religious faith in a media-dominated culture.  How to tell our story alongside the maddening swirl of media “clutter” –  TV, radio, computer, digital music player, Internet, mobile phone, and other  technologies competing for our attention.  How do you get a message heard through
the massive and growing wave of media static out there?

It’s about telling your story, and making that story connect with your audience.  There’s more at stake here than most people realize.  The culture wars between secular and religious ideals are tearing this country – and many parts of the world – apart.  Unless we can learn to tell our story more effectively, people of faith will continue to be seen as out of touch and irrelevant.  A religious voice in the public square needs to be worth listening to, and in a media-driven culture, it’s not just about content anymore.

You can order the book right now and it will ship as soon as it becomes available March 3rd.   And help us spread the word, by sharing the information on the book with your email list and readers.  Get in on the conversation and don’t get left behind…

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