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Why 2015 Will Be The Year of Online Video

A great number of media organizations are touting 2015 as the “Year of Digital Video.” Most of these predictions refer to the broad range of videos, movies, advertising, and other online content that is exploding on multiple platforms. But there’s plenty of reasons that 2015 will be the year of online video for churches, ministries, and nonprofits as well:

1) Fundraising and donor development are story driven.  When it comes to asking for support, your organization’s integrity, how many meals you furnished, or how long you’ve been in business are important. But if you really want to touch a potential donor, show them the story of lives that have been changed because of your work. Nothing shares those stories better or more powerfully than online video.

2) Online videos are relatively inexpensive.  While direct mail is still important, and your website is the cornerstone of your message, shooting and editing online videos are remarkably competitive when it comes to price. DSLR cameras are cheaper than ever, and a 1 or 2 person crew can do amazing things. You don’t need an entire department to make fantastic video productions. And farming the project out to freelancers or consultants could even be less expensive than full time employees.

3) Churches, ministries, and nonprofits understand the power of video.  Today, nearly every nonprofit or ministry client we work with already has a media person in place who’s producing short videos. Years ago I had to argue the importance of video with clients, but today, nearly everyone understands the need.

4) Mobile technology has made online videos available anywhere, anytime.  You no longer need a TV set, VCR, or even a laptop to watch an online video. I was on the Underground (subway) in London last week and saw plenty of people watching online videos on their phones. A few days later I was at the top of the French Alps, and watched a short video explaining the trails where we were snow skiing. I was more than a mile high in the Alps and could see Mont Blanc clearly, but the reception couldn’t have been better.

5) Forbes reports that three out of four brand marketers and advertising agency executives said they expect original digital video programming to be as important as TV programming within the next three to five years.  They go on to say that “A greater number of companies are moving funds away from TV ads, TV production budgets, and TV ad buys – all of which provide little to no insight into the viewer. That money will instead go to the amazing digital content being produced on a platform where marketers can measure everything as well as hit critical demographics like Millennials.”

If your organization isn’t making short, online videos a priority, this is your year to act.  If you have questions, let me know, because we’ve produced online videos for clients around the world, and I can tell you that every day you’re not telling your story online, you’re missing potential supporters, donors, and advocates for your cause.

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  1. 1 – I totally think you are correct. It makes complete sense and those that have used video well (Compassion International and others) seem to enjoy the benefits.

    2 – I totally hope you are correct.. since I plan to add video to Reel Parables!

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