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My Most Popular Blog Posts of 2013

At the end of every year it’s fun (and educational) to see what the most widely read posts have been on my blog.  Take a look at the list and take a moment to read them yourself.  It’s always fascinating to see the areas people are most interested in.  Here’s the list: 

What’s Right About Megachurches

The 5 People I’ll Never Hire Again

My Favorite (and most creative) Christmas Short Film This Year

The #1 Talent Of The Best Video Editors

The 5 Stages of Innovation

A Checklist for Building Your Platform in 2013

How to Deal With Petty and Insecure People

Five Big Ideas For Shooting a Video About Someone’s Life Change

What Katy Perry and Taylor Swift Can Teach Church Worship Leaders

End Runs? Don’t Do Them

It’s Never too Late to Discover Your One Big Thing 


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