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10 Great Ways to Become Extraordinarily Average

1.  Spend most of your day sending and receiving email, rather than actually accomplishing something.

2.  The tallest blade of grass is the first to get cut, so whatever you do, don’t stand out.

3.  Get that bass boat you’ve been dreaming about rather than investing in yourself and your future.

4.  Don’t travel.  It’s too expensive, too much trouble, and very risky these days.

5.  Don’t learn another language.  Besides, everyone is going to speak English sooner or later.

6.  Forget religious faith.  All that “mystery” is for the birds.  Believe in only what you can prove.

7.  Follow all the rules.  Why take a chance?

8.  Stop taking responsibility for your life.  After all, that’s what the government is for.

9.  Stop reading.  It’s a lot of trouble, books are expensive, and nobody’s doing it anymore anyway.

10.  Have great ideas, but don’t follow through on any.

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  1. Make sure that all of your conversations are about work or the company. Bringing up outside interests may lead to an ice breaking topic of conversation that may lead to networking.

  2. Keep on doing what you’ve always done so you can keep on getting what you’ve gotten. Change is too risky.

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