Who Are You? (In 5 Words or Less)

Today’s personal branding challenge:  Describe yourself in five words or less.  What is it that defines you, captures your story, and makes you stand out from the pack?  Like a movie log line, being able to pitch or describe yourself in five words or less, is a valuable tool.  The next time you meet a potential funder, a producer for your project, a future boss, publisher, agent etc – you may only have a minute or two to pitch yourself and why you should be hired.

Five words or less – can you do it?


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  • Marc Harper

    There is a quote attributed to Mark Twain that says something like “I’d have written less, but it would have taken more time.”

  • Turd Ferguson

    Awesome. Spectacular. Incredible. Amazing. Handsome.

  • Ed Morgan

    “Passionate to help others excel” – EVM
    This article helped me come up with this statement. This statement I wrote is me – THANKS.

  • eccentric entrepeneurial cybermissionary trains leaders (that’s why the donors run away at my elevator pitch…grin)

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  • International Evangelist Passionate about SoulWinning

  • J a y b i r d

    Friendly caring believer sharing Gospel

  • Sharon Sarles

    “I help people to” is 4 words already. Is technology making us ultra-shallow? Does only the simple and fast count? Okay, so if we must succumb, is there a cookbook for how to do this?

    • It’s not about being shallow. It’s about knowing who you are. There’s a saying in Hollywood that if you can’t pitch your idea in a couple of lines, then you don’t know the idea well enough.

    • I’d say it’s about being focused on what you are doing. If you have a hard time explaining it, you probably have a hard time doing it, too. Or being excited about it. Narrowing down who I am and what I do into a few words has helped me a lot over the past year.

  • Tim Saiet

    Love this Phil thanks Tim ( The Magician with J.John) :)