When Was the Last Time You Went to a Museum?

Where do you get your inspiration? Sometimes it comes from a working routine, and other times it happens because of a spark. That spark can come from a million things, but without it, creativity simply doesn’t happen. The question is – where do you get that spark? Maybe it’s music, conversation, prayer, reading, hobbies, or other sources, but whatever it is, you need it. Some of my best creative sparks happen in museums.

Kathleen and I are museum hounds. We seek out at least one museum on every trip, no matter how remote the location. Once inside, I’m mesmerized by how other cultures, people groups, or periods in history think, and how that could impact my own ideas.

Check out some of the museums in your area this weekend. Discover the kind of spark being confronted by another culture can bring. I don’t care if it’s the Getty Museum in Los Angeles, the Circus World Museum in Baraboo, Wisconsin, or the Museum of the Bible in Washington, DC – every museum has something fascinating to offer.

Visit one this weekend, and watch the creative sparks fly…

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