What Do People Think of When They Think of You?

In a world of unlimited choices – cable channels, books, music, movies, advertising, media, websites, social media, and more, people have more options than they know what to do with. That’s why if you’re preaching a sermon, pitching a movie, publishing a book – however you’re getting your ideas out there – the initial perception of YOU matters more than ever.  I don’t care how great your sermon is. I don’t care how timely your business idea is. I don’t care how wonderful your screenplay is. If the investor, reader, customer, or donor doesn’t have a immediate, positive perception of YOU – they’ll move on without taking the time to look closer. As a result, how people view you may be the single most important key to whether or not they’ll listen to your ideas. Their perception of you – good or bad – is what determines whether or not they’ll listen to your ideas or your message.

So in today’s distracted, cluttered culture, it’s not just about your project or idea, it’s also about you. What do you communicate in the way you present your ideas? How about your attitude, way you dress, how you speak, and more?

Think about it. Your ideas matter, but in a world of unlimited choices, they have to get past you first.

Are you ready?

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  • Valerie Caraotta

    You are so right in your statements regarding one’s desire to listen to you based on how they view you. It is important that leaders present themselves and truly care about those they are trying to influence. There are good sermons, seminars, and classes everywhere but when it comes to connecting to a leader I too am more apt to follow one that is able to place their busy demands on hold from time to time to stop, listen, and genuinely care about other’s concerns. Jesus was so relational that He drew crowds not just because of His content but because of the way people felt in His presence. When others left his presence they felt better because love indeed never fails.