Kill Your Television?

I work in the media business, but there are plenty of times I agree with the Kill Your Television website – especially during an election year. But before you throw a brick through your screen, check out the site. It might just be theraputic…

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  • I went, I saw, I left.

    Phil, with all your work on image and communication, etc, I'm surprised you made that recommendation.  The content may be fine, I don't know and this isn't a commentary on it.  But the way in which they laid out the website was horrible.  I am kind of surprised there was not clipart animation and midi songs on repeat.

    I'm sorry, it was just so bad I had to say something.  Maybe consumerism has overrun my life.

  • Phil

    Don't worry.  Sometimes it's OK to have a little fun.  Don't let bad form keep you away from exploring new ideas…. :-)

  • nanny911

    Life without TV is great! We should be unspotted from the world. What TV shows exist that don't have sexual immorality, cursing, anti-Biblical viewpoints, ect…? Should we view this material? How many times in prime time is a scantily clad woman and sexual immorality presented as a good thing? Think of popular shows today, Ugly Betty, Greys Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, CSI, ect…

    Is it okay to watch CSI and see a woman in a bikini dancing provokatively? Or watch a film with that those same elements and sexual immorality? Would you have that same woman prancing around in your living room? There is no difference. I think we are trying to hard to "appease" the world. Would Jesus be pleased with those shows or movies we watch? Something to think about.

    All the more reason to support Christian media…Why can't Christian TV ever really get going into something more engaging? I think if Christians actually stopped and realized that "their" shows are not pleasing to Jesus then maybe they would start to look for something that would be pleasing to God.

  • breaklight

    If you will do away from TV for even a while you need to make plans to actively replace it with something life changing or at least fill that void/gap with something worthwhile so that you will not be tempted to go back to it. Before I married my wife she used to love shows like Sex & The City; Charmed and the whole Paramount Comedy Channel. Before I met my wife (then girlfriend)the Lord had help me live without TV for a long time (sometimes I wonder why He gets me to work in the industry so much and yet reduces my time to watch the stuff?)So at first I just put up with it because I was dating her (yes she was and is a believer) then but after a while I began to see a lot of compromises so I got a solution. I gave her an experiment (she is a scientist) for one week only, instead of watching TV read and study her bible for one hour and then go out for a walk and we will talk about it. First 3 days was like getting an addict off drugs but by the end of the second week we hit a flow. Then after a month of doing this I told her she could watch any programme on TV especially her favourite shows – Sex & The City. After just watching one episode (a month after not watching TV) she was completely disgusted at it and she couldn’t believe she actually enjoyed watching them! It has been three years since she last watched that show or Paramount Comedy Channel of her own free will. Yes she watches TV but very little and only for investment and information purposes. Now she gives me ideas for funny TV programmes, movies and even documentaries all the time and I love them.

  • Jim

    Elvis did! The TV’s in the mansion with a hole in the screen.