The Worst Reason to See A Christian Movie

I get asked frequently to endorse movies made by Christians. I’m thrilled to be asked, because I think more Christian filmmakers should be out there telling their stories. And even when there are problems with the film, I’m willing to give it some grace if the writing, acting, and direction are top notch. But quite often I turn them down, for the biggest reason I believe we should never support films made by Christians:

When I’m told that because we’re Christians “we’re supposed to support it.”  The worst reason in the world to support or buy tickets to a movie is because we’re “supposed” to support it. And I get that request more than you’d think. “Yes, we know it isn’t very good, but as a Christian, you should endorse the movie.”

And that’s true even when the intention is good.  So when a church member, a friend, or a marketing person asks you to buy tickets to a Christian movie that you know isn’t any good, have courage. Don’t be afraid to say “No.” It’s a tough world out there, but if we want to compete, we have to do it on the same terms as the world.

We wouldn’t buy a house that’s falling apart just because Christians built it. We wouldn’t have brain surgery by a well-intentioned, but unqualified, Christian doctor. In the same way, we shouldn’t support bad Christian art of any kind.

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