The Questions To Ask About Lance Armstrong

The reactions to the Lance Armstrong interviews on Oprah were pretty one sided.  Most people seemed to think he was holding back, offering excuses, or not being completely contrite.  When I watched the interviews, I wasn’t thinking about forgiveness, I was thinking about trust – and how to rebuild it.  So when Fox News asked me to write an essay on my reactions to the interview, I asked some different questions.  They published it here on, so please share it, and then I would love to hear your reactions.  


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  • I agree with your reaction on this topic. I think forgiveness is less the issue in the public eye, trust is the real question, especially since he wants to compete again in the future…. with money/financing
    being the foundation. My thoughts are: 1. Why did he come clean now after all this time? The media was restless on this subject. Perhaps admitting
    was the shortest distance to damage control. I really don’t know the answer to that question. I do believe that getting caught and being sorry has less mercy attached to it than admitting your crime before it finds you out. 2. In his interview, I wasn’t convinced that he would DO anything to make things right. Similar to what you said Phil, re-building bridges in relationships is the way to trust. Re-building is an action word. It’s a long road, but it can be reestablished if you really want it bad enough. Unfortunately, I don’t see a lot of “fallen” people in the public eye actually want the trust or character factor bad enough to re-build.