The Museum Of the Bible Is Open!

After years of preparation, the Museum of the Bible in Washington, DC is open to the public! Our team at Cooke Pictures has been documenting the building of the museum since groundbreaking almost 4 years ago. The resulting video presentations have been used for awareness campaigns, donor development, and helping tell the museum’s remarkable story to the world.

During that time we’ve also filmed the museum’s historic exhibits in Cuba – the first time the Bible has been displayed to the public since the Communist revolution six decades ago. The lines wrapped around the building as people clamored to get in and see a book that had been banned for so many years.

This past summer we also filmed the museum’s traveling exhibit in Wittenberg, Germany in honor of the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation.

Along with trips documenting archeological, educational, and technology work in Israel, filming scholars at museum conferences in the UK, and following the “Gutenberg Gates” tour across the country, it’s been a busy few years!

But our entire team has been honored to partner with Museum of the Bible to bring the most controversial, most banned, and most popular book ever written to the world. Our goal has been to make the Bible part of the cultural conversation again, and with this week’s opening, and the number of national news sources covering it, we just may succeed.

Plan now to visit Museum of the Bible. You’ll never look at the Bible the same way again!

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  • ovillegator

    That is so incredible… it saddens me to think this, but I’m not sure who needs it more, Cuba or Washington, DC!

    I hope the Museum was able to give free Bibles to Cubans who came to the exhibit as they left. Thanks, Phil, for your part in planting the seed there…”In the beginning was the Word…”

  • John Cyrus

    Praise God for the infallibility of the Word of God (The Holy Bible) by various indisputable archaeological evidences in this scientific and technological era of 21st century! It will challenge every atheist, communist, and even psychologist! Evolution subject should be erased from the school and college curriculum of every nation in the face of the world!