The Majority of the Population Doesn’t Shape the Culture

A Lesson Christians Need to Understand

In most cases, when Christians want to impact today’s culture, we think it’s about numbers. We believe the myth that culture is changed by the majority. So we launch campaigns to win elections, or spend millions on advertising or evangelistic campaigns, or use mass media to reach the most people we can.

Nothing is wrong with any of those options, except for the fact that the majority rarely changes culture. When you look at the major social changes that have happened over the last generation, each of them started with remarkably small groups:

The gay community is a tiny percentage of the population, and yet they have made a massive impact on the culture in a remarkably short time.

The transgender community is an even smaller slice of the population, and yet transgender issues are on everyone’s radar these days.

Compared to live births, abortions happened behind the scenes for generations, and yet in our lifetime abortion has become the law of the land – a campaign created by what was then a minority of the population.

The list goes on from topics like euthanasia, marijuana, the “safe space” controversy, and more are issues that didn’t shift the national conversation because of the numbers involved, but because of the commitment involved.

The Early Church understood this and ended up changing the world.

Maybe it’s time we understood it as well…

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