Know The Difference Between “Con” and “Content”

One thing you’ll discover living and working in Hollywood is the number of film or TV “producers” who have never actually produced anything. How they make their living, I have no idea, but you see them all the time. Some are young and hopeful, trying to make their mark, but many are simply looking to make money – and will cut whatever corners necessary to make that happen. So as you navigate your career in the media or entertainment industry (and any other business for that matter) make sure you keep a sharp eye out for people pitching real content versus people just pitching a “con.”

Before you get involved in a person or project, do your homework. Investigate. Ask questions. There were times in my career when my excitement to work on a project took charge over my rational thinking, and I got ripped off and taken advantage of.

There are some wonderful people in Hollywood trying to do projects that matter. But there are also plenty of sharks. Hone your people skills. Be skeptical.

Spend your career making a difference, not making mistakes.

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